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Ideal IT Solutions

Ideal Integrations Solutions

Ideal Integrations Solutions

Not all IT solutions are created equal. We believe that there is not a single IT infrastructure solution for every client. We understand and appreciate that all businesses are unique, even if they operate within similar industries. We ensure that your IT solutions are built for your specific needs!

Ideal Integrations Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Easily increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software.

BENEFITS: Flexibility | Cost-savings | Increased Productivity

Ideal Integrations Managed Services

Managed Services

We work with your team to identify your needs and then adjust the functionality and performance of your network accordingly.

BENEFITS: Monitoring by our Network Operations Center

Ideal Integrations Security Services

Security Services

Blue Bastion, a division of Ideal Integrations, was created to manage security services and offerings.

BENEFITS: Incident Response | Micro-segmentation | Penetration Testing | Vulnerability Management

Ideal Integrations Connectivity Services

Connectivity Services

The customization available when using fiber to connect helps you maximize revenue and address daily business challenges.

BENEFITS: High Quality Connectivity | Cost Effective Transport | Ease Bandwidth Allocation | Inherent Security

Ideal Integrations Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Virtualization reduces costs, increases system response speed, and creates a layer of abstraction between the computing, storage, and networking.

BENEFITS: Server Consolidation | Disaster Recovery | Business Continuity | Test Environment

Ideal Integrations Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

We partner with leading industry software and hardware vendors to provide complete backup solutions

BENEFITS: Backups | Disaster Recovery | Business Continuity

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