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MSS Conference


Join Luke McCombie of Blue Bastion, as he presents at this year's Managed Security Services Forum Denver!

Hack Space Con 2023

Kennedy Space Center M6-306 405 State Road, Orlando, FL

Would you know how to spot a bad penetration test? Or, are you just looking to elevate your skills? Then it's time to head to SPACE! Come join cybersecurity expert ▪️ Qasim I. at Hack Space Con, April 13-14, for a two-day penetration testing class, and become a pen-testing star ⭐ We understand that not everyone taking a


Chicago, IL

The objective of this Capture-the-Flag style class is to take students with existing networks or systems administration experience and teach them how to: Perform a comprehensive penetration test against Active Directory environments. Spot a bad penetration test. We understand that not everyone taking a pen test class will want to be a penetration tester. Hence,