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Home & Commercial vulnerabilities

Why It’s Important to Secure Both Home & Commercial Vulnerabilities

Today's environment makes it harder than ever to keep attackers out of your network.   Users connect from home networks riddled with potential vulnerabilities, through tools with vulnerabilities, into networks that contain more vulnerabilities.We continue to plug the leaks as they become exposed, but it's more important than ever to recognize...
FBI issues warning about email, domain spoofing and more

FBI Issues Cybersecurity Warnings About Email, Domain Spoofing

On Nov. 23, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS-CISA) recently issued a series of warnings regarding email spoofing, ransomware, and unpatched vulnerabilities. Take these warnings seriously and act. Why? Take, for example, Baltimore County Public School system. Following...
The hidden costs of unmanaged data

3 Hidden Costs in Unmanaged Data

The COVID-19 quarantines motivated many organizations to shift to cloud computing. While many execute haphazard transitions, why miss an opportunity to improve? Data generally increases in importance, but the specific data we keep can be as worthless as year-old spam emails, and as critical as the passwords for our bank accounts. Is our cloud...
Ransomware attack updates - Holiday season 2020

Ransomware Updates As We Enter the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! During a year with such major ups and downs, it's a nice break, right? Well, cyber attackers won't be taking a break, unfortunately. In fact, they'll want to take full advantage of unprepared IT teams. If your organization needs extra support over the holiday season,...
Windows 10 updates and Microsoft patches

Windows 10 Deadlines, Patches, and More Patches

Last week, Microsoft released their monthly patches to plug security holes and other bugs in their systems.  As always, we need to pay attention to these patches because attackers immediately begin targeting these flaws.There are many reasons why we don’t install patches right away.  Some remote users may have their...