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Layoffs and terminations - how to avoid data theft when employees leave

How to Avoid Data Theft When Employees Leave

Hard times can force hard decisions. Many companies affected by the COVID-19 quarantine have been horribly affected, and over 40 million Americans are unemployed. With so many unemployed, we can anticipate a feeble economy throughout 2020 and more repercussions to come. Maybe your company is fortunate and has not been...
Man working on computer with headphones in - managed services - Ideal Integrations

Perks of Managed Services for Business

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels By Taylor Bauer There’s no single definition for what managed services might look like for your business.From IT support to call center tools and digital storage solutions, managed services can seem like an overwhelming array of options. Rather than explore every single type of...
Cloud security & computing - virtual infrastructure

The Future of Cloud Security & Computing

Cloud computing arrived as an option a long time ago.  The ‘Year of the Cloud’ was declared as early as 2015.  But as of 2019, only 20% of workloads had migrated to the cloud. The COVID-19 quarantine forced many organizations to send workers home and adopt the cloud as a...
Network Segmentation - laptop use

Security Trends & May’s Ransomware Update

To solidify IT security, we must maintain good fundamental security, keep current on developments, and learn from past breaches.  Let's start by reviewing trends Verizon noted their 2019 annual analysis of their data breaches and then delve into some ransomware developments that threaten an increasing number of organizations. 2019 Verizon...
Apple Products - work-from-home

Cybersecurity and IT Tools to Master Work-From-Home

With many offices setting up work-from-home operations in the wake of COVID-19, the daily routine is changing drastically. Whether you’re handling the transition smoothly or struggling to keep up with tasks while out of the office, there are some sure-fire ways to increase your capabilities. Best of all, when you...