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Why Is the Right Network Implementation So Important?

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In modern business, communication and collaboration remain essential to competitive, industry-leading companies.

That means your organization needs to provide appropriate tools, so your employees can efficiently access the information needed to do their jobs.

Without these necessary tools, companies stand little chance of successfully negotiating today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

When you think of tools in the IT realm, you might conjure up visions of software applications, desktop machines, and mobile devices.

But, one of the most important tools responsible for your company’s success is actually your network.

Your network acts as the foundation upon which every other piece of infrastructure is built. And, without the right network implementation, an IT environment will never reach its full potential.

So, what exactly makes proper network implementation so important?

Let’s dive in and take a look.

Why Is Internal Network Implementation Important?

The rise of ecommerce highlighted the importance of a robust, reliable, well-performing, and customer-facing network.

If your customers can’t successfully interact with your company’s storefront, information, or website as a whole, it can quickly result in lost business and lower profits.

With so many choices today, potential customers are quick to look elsewhere, rather than deal with an unresponsive or frustrating website.

And, though the importance of your organization’s internal network may not receive the same degree of attention as its external, it’s still equally, if not more, important to success.

While potential customers can simply stop using a badly-performing website, employees rarely enjoy the same luxury.

Employees can only do their best with the tools your company provides. And, with poor internal network implementation, even the most willing employees remain hindered.

A concept image of cables representing fiber internet connection
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How Does the Right Type of Network Benefit Your Business?

Proper network implementation provides numerous benefits, as long as you choose it to suit your business’s own needs.

Let’s take a look at just a few.

Improved productivity – A fast and efficient network promotes team productivity. When employees can access needed apps and data quickly, they get more done in less time.

This allows them to remain better prepared to work on value-added tasks.

Enhanced security – Your company’s critical data is stored on devices connected to your network. Well-designed network implementation provides enhanced security to protect these resources, while still keeping them available for authorized users.

Streamlined collaboration – Have you ever needed to wait a frustrating length of time for a file transfer? Or, have you ever experienced a bad connection during a Zoom meeting?

While online collaboration is incredible, it only works when your network is up to the task.

That means your employees’ ability to easily communicate and collaborate depends, in large part, on your network quality.

Improved bottom line – An efficient network implementation improves your company’s bottom line by driving productivity and streamlining collaboration.

Providing the right foundation allows your business and employees to reach their potential and flourish.

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Network Implementation Options for Your Business

At Ideal Integrations, we understand the importance of your internal network to the operation and growth of your business.

The process of selecting and implementing your internal network begins with a thorough assessment of your business requirements and objectives.

Fortunately, it’s not something you’ll need to decide on your own. Our team of networking experts can work with you to learn your goals & needs, and offer no-obligation recommendations to fit your needs.

We offer three types of networks designed to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • LAN – A local area network is appropriate for establishing connections between devices located within a small area such as an office.
  • WAN – Wide area networks are a good choice for larger organizations that have multiple sites that need to be connected.
  • WLAN – A wireless local area network is the right choice for allowing employees to connect to resources without plugging in.

No matter which type of network your business chooses, Ideal Integrations, along with the support of our cybersecurity division, Blue Bastion Cyber Security, offer managed services to perform monitoring & identification of issues and obtain optimal performance.

Simply contact us at 412-349-6680, or fill out the form below, and discover how easy it can be.

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