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What’s the Value of Managed Data Backups for Your Business?

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Backups remain an essential component of any data protection strategy. And yet, many organizations don’t realize the value that reliable backups provide to their businesses.

When you ignore the benefits of backing up data regularly and effectively, the process too often becomes relegated to the sidelines.

In some cases, you may overlook or forget about backups altogether. Until something goes wrong, of course.

Unfortunately, when that happens, it’s often too late to turn back, and poses risk of significant damage to your organization.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution you can employ to remove the stress and worry from the equation: managed data backup solutions.

Let’s break down some of the incredible benefits they can provide.

How do Backups Provide Business Value?

Data backups provide critical business value in multiple ways.

For instance:

  • Data backups protect your resources from an array of events, whether manmade or natural disaster. This can range from an employee accidentally deleting an important file, a cyberattack corrupting a mission-critical database, or a data center being wiped out by a hurricane or flood.

    Backups enable you to quickly restore your information and minimize damage to your business.

  • Backups provide defense against ransomware, an increasingly prevalent problem for businesses of all sizes. In a ransomware attack, data is made unavailable through encryption by cybercriminals, and sometimes, even destroyed.

    Reliable data backups allow you to recover information affected by ransomware, rather than paying cybercriminals for decryption keys. And, with the cost of ransomware reaching tens of millions of dollars in some cases, data backups can become priceless.

  • Compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA requires backups to ensure sensitive information is not lost, and remains available at all times. As such, failure to back up regulated data can lead to expensive penalties and fines if anything should occur.
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Why Creating Data Backups Can Be Difficult

Some companies, especially those with limited technical staff or resources, can find it difficult to develop and maintain an in-house system that consistently creates viable backups.

Just a few reasons include:

  • The capital costs of purchasing and deploying on-premises backup hardware and software can be prohibitive for your IT budget. And, even if funds are available, you must provide physical space for equipment and backup media.

  • There may be no technical expertise available in the company to effectively manage the backup solution. A poorly maintained backup strategy gives companies a false sense of security while not offering the expected level of data protection.

  • Many companies have IT staff members wearing many hats, including that of the backup administrator. It can be easy to forget to start the backups or investigate a failed procedure when faced with other issues that need addressed.

    This creates a major problem when you suddenly need to recover a vital system, only to discover incomplete or corrupted data.
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The Managed Data Backup Solution

So, what should you do then, if you don’t have the time, budget, or in-house skill set to do it all yourself?

Well, the good news is, you don’t need to go it alone. Managed data backup solutions exist that can deliver the reliability and peace of mind you need.

Managed backups offer an efficient way to eliminate the problems associated with maintaining an in-house data protection solution.

Engaging with a managed cloud provider like offers numerous valuable benefits that include:

  • Providing cost-effective cloud-based backups that don’t require capital expenditures on hardware, software, and media;

  • Offering technical expertise that ensures backups are configured and managed optimally to protect valuable data assets;

  • Assisting in the creation of disaster recovery capabilities to enable prompt system and data restores when necessary;

  • Furnishing flexible and scalable backup plans that fit your company now and address its future growth.

And, Ideal Integrations, along with our cybersecurity division, Blue Bastion, is always ready to help.

Our  managed cloud services provide your business with the reliable backups you need to protect your data.

Don’t wait until a lack of backups puts your business at risk – Contact Ideal today, at 412-349-6680, or fill out the form below, and start giving your data the protection it deserves.

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