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Washington Partners with Blue Bastion, Ideal Integrations

Blue Bastion Cyber Security

In May, a ransomware attack forced city of Washington, PA officials to take down their communication system and pay a $21,250 ransom to regain control of it.

The incident prompted computer systems & website coordinator, Lynn Galluze to contact Blue Bastion and Ideal Integrations for a managed IT and cyber security solution.

A decision, Galluze said, that made a world of difference.

“Within 45 minutes of our initial phone call to Ideal Integrations, a representative was in City Hall to discuss a plan for moving forward and fixing what seemed to be a dire situation. 

Ideal helped the City create an entire network, installed new workstations, prepared user data to be introduced in a clean environment and prepared information for a forensic team to evaluate.

Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion worked in an extremely professional and concise methodical manner to restore the City’s entire network and all of its data. 

The City is now working with Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion to implement a plan for moving forward to host and protect the City’s information.

I cannot say enough about the professional work ethic and knowledge displayed by the team from Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion.

Having been personally involved in this entire process, it is amazing to see how far we have come in a short period of time, and to witness how all the different phases were accomplished to achieve and the end solution.”

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