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The Benefits of Virtual Infrastructure in Business

A blue-themed image with computer network cables and a cloud, helping to represent virtual infrastructure

When people hear the word infrastructure, as it relates to information technology (IT), they often immediately think of a room full of computers, cables, and other large and expensive pieces of electronic equipment.

This mental image of a typical traditional data center focusses on the components of a physical infrastructure.

Many companies run their business using this type of infrastructure.

However, an alternative solution exists that may help your business grow while maximizing your IT budget: a virtual infrastructure.

In many cases, an organization can enjoy significant benefits by implementing a virtual infrastructure.

So, why how could it benefit you? Let’s break it down.

Business Benefits of a Virtual Infrastructure

Through the use of a virtualization strategy, you may be surprised how many benefits you achieve.

Of course, the key to obtaining these advantages is to work with a reputable provider with experience designing virtualized environments.

Let’s take a look at just a few.

  • Cost savings – Virtualization eliminates the need for companies to purchase and support expensive hardware. In addition to the capital costs of buying physical infrastructure components, managing and maintaining the environment remains an expensive proposition. Virtualization minimizes all of these costs for substantial savings.

  • Access to cutting-edge technology – Using a virtual environment enables you to upgrade your technology regularly, to avoid falling behind its competition. Otherwise, unless your business has deep pockets & large budgets, it’s difficult to keep up with technology’s pace of change.

  • Streamlined disaster recovery – A virtualized environment can be recovered more efficiently than physical infrastructure, streamlining the recovery process if disaster strikes. Virtual infrastructure is easily backed up and recovered, protecting you against accidental or deliberate data loss.
As a service cloud deployment models
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Benefits (continued)

  • No vendor lock-in – You can easily migrate virtual environments to an alternate provider’s data center, if necessary. This eliminates the vendor lock-in that accompanies expensive hardware purchases, which can result in missed opportunities to implement advanced solutions.
  • Enhanced security – A virtual environment provides security with virtual firewalls that may offer improved security against sophisticated cyberattacks. Additionally, access to the provider’s experts provide a chance to bolster your company’s security posture.
  • Increased environmental friendliness – Virtualization is environmentally friendly in several ways.

    First, a reduced hardware footprint means expending less energy running the systems and cooling your computing environment. It also eliminates the need to dispose of obsolete hardware – which sometimes contain potentially hazardous materials.
  • Space savings – Taking advantage of virtualization means eliminating on-premises hardware and clearing space for other business activities. In fact, you might even be able to move to offices with a smaller footprint, for additional cost savings after moving to virtual infrastructure.
Worker looking at his IT asset list
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Virtualization Solutions

So, maybe you’re ready to make the move to virtual infrastructure. Or, maybe you’re just curious to learn more.

Where do you turn? Which type of virtualized infrastructure do you need?

After all, upgrades can be scary, especially if everything has been running great. You may be afraid that a migration or upgrade will cause compatibility issues.

Well, the good news is that you never need to go it alone.

Ideal Integrations, along with our cybersecurity division Blue Bastion, can help.

We can help your company achieve the benefits of virtualized infrastructure, and make the transition as painless as possible. We can host your virtual environment in data centers, located in Pittsburgh and Chicago, that provide robust security and satisfy the requirements for regulatory compliance.

In fact, we offer five different types of virtualization solutions, and will work with your company to customize a plan that fits your needs.

  • Server virtualization allows companies to eliminate physical, on-premises hardware.

  • Desktop virtualization is an excellent solution for providing the tools necessary to support a remote workforce.

  • Software virtualization enables companies to take advantage of virtual software instances to enhance productivity.

  • Storage virtualization pools storage devices so they can be used more efficiently throughout the computing environment.

  • Network virtualization abstracts network resources that were previously furnished by hardware and software components.

Let us design a virtual infrastructure that helps you save money and improve your IT environment. Give Ideal a call today and get started on the road to a more efficient and less costly computing environment.

Simply contact us at 412-349-6680, or fill out the form below, and let our security and IT experts will gladly outline your options and best solutions.

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