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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

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The traditional office and workspace layout looks nearly unrecognizable compared to 10 years ago.

As technology moves to more virtual and mobile spaces, staying connected to vital company documents and resources proves to be catalytic to a successful company. Cloud computing ensures improved work experience through hosting servers, networks, and other inter-organizational resources over the Cloud.

By hosting company tools in a cloud service, there’s no need for server rooms or bulky, expensive hardware to be hosted in house. Likewise, there are a number of increased security measures built into cloud computing software. Plus, everything your team needs to complete daily tasks and goals is hosted in the same place, offering increased organizational connectivity.

The benefits of cloud computing significantly increase the most crucial benchmarks of any modern business, across industry and size of operation.

Why Cloud Computing is Vital to Modern Businesses

It’s no surprise to see so many companies moving to cloud computing. When you consider the financial, organizational, and increased security attributed to cloud computing, the decision seems easy.

Increased Security

Hosting nearly all of your company’s vital resources online might sound like a security risk, but it’s quite the opposite. No matter the size of your business, security matters. It’s the key to keeping critical documents and information inside the walls of your business.

When a data breach occurs, the headaches can be insurmountable when operating under an outdated physical network. Cloud computing software offers regular data backups saved into encrypted storage that can be accessed in case of a security risk or breach.

Not only do backups exist in the cloud, but storage is already secure thanks to software protection and anti-hacking protections offered by technical teams providing your cloud computing capabilities.

Interconnectivity Among the Entire Work Team

Nothing streamlines work among employees and management like cloud computing.

Not only does cloud computing offer everyone a connection to company resources and documents, but the networks and servers hosted in the cloud are continuously updated in real time for each and every employee.

For example, if a few people in your office now are operating in a different software version of Microsoft Office, and others are an update or two ahead, documents and files may not transfer easily. With cloud computing, everyone receives software updates at the same time, ensuring no translatability issues.

Cloud computing also offers mobile solutions, including smartphone and tablet access. Very few businesses stay located in one place at all times.

With cloud computing, employees who are on the go don’t have to worry about saving documents or presentations to an external drive. Everything can be accessed in the cloud.

It’s the accessibility of cloud computing that really sells companies who are looking to move to a more mobile interface.

Save Costs in Equipment and Internal IT Experts

There’s a good chance hosting your physical, in-house network and servers costs a good chunk of change.

For starters, the server computers and hardware located in your office or work space is likely taking quite a bit of power to stay up and running. That’s draining energy costs, and when things go wrong, you lose more money through failure to access crucial documents and resources.

Not only that, but there is likely someone on payroll, whether they work remotely or in the office, who works with IT problems and updates.

Cloud computing services come with IT service, including troubleshooting, updates, and questions you or your employees might have about the technology. That saves money in payroll, as well as ensures you are always connected to someone with the answers.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Computing in your Office

Cloud computing can help your business reach its full output and potential.

The security features, the saved costs, and interconnectivity among your team benefit nearly every aspect of running an organization. Cloud computing is a great way to boost your capabilities, and it runs smoothly and efficiently when working with Ideal Integrations.

Between options for cloud hosting services, designs that work for your business, and the security and IT support you need to never stress about an outage or data breach causing major losses, Ideal Integrations offers you everything you need.

Save money, stay secure, and most importantly, work to your business’ full potential with cloud services from Ideal Integrations.  Connect with us to secure your managed IT solutions in Pittsburgh, and all around the United States!

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