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remote work tools

Remote Work Tools to Continue Utilizing Once Back in the Office

The early days of COVID-19, social distancing and work from home practices involved a heavy learning curve. It's been a few months now, and a lot of us feel like we know our way around some new technologies that made it possible to operate a business from home. As many...
Security - VPN users work from home

Cyber Security Strategies & Recent Attacks

By Charles Kime IT and security teams try their best to secure our organizations and their critical assets. Yet sometimes, our efforts fail to keep out adversaries. That’s why we use defense-in-depth and zero trust security strategies – to provide a backstop for when our initial efforts don’t work.Let's cover this...
Zero Trust Framework - microsegmentation

Is It Time for Zero Trust Over VPN?

Unlike many holiday seasons, attackers continued an onslaught on US organizations between Christmas and the new year. While many of the attacks continue to catch headlines as ransomware, a deeper look suggests that it may finally be time for all organizations to move beyond perimeter defense. The Ransomware Invasion Ransomware...