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A blue-themed image with computer network cables and a cloud, helping to represent virtual infrastructure

The Benefits of Virtual Infrastructure in Business

When people hear the word infrastructure, as it relates to information technology (IT), they often immediately think of a room full of computers, cables, and other large and expensive pieces of electronic equipment. This mental image of a typical traditional data center focusses on the components of a physical infrastructure....

4 Key Benefits of a Virtual Infrastructure

Ever wish you could add extra computing capabilities during your busiest seasons, but without committing to the permanent expense? Wish you could save money, free up physical space, and increase your company’s capabilities?Well, you don’t need to wish for it. There’s a way you can make it happen: virtual infrastructure.Virtualization...
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Why You Should Use A Virtual Infrastructure

Are you trying to decide whether or not virtualization is for you?If you want to saving money, energy and space, then you're certainly on track.Regardless of your business's size, a virtual infrastructure adds dimensions of both ease and stability.  It's software-based IT, so one physical server actually hosts multiple virtual...