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Computer with Ransomware

FBI: Here’s How to Detect Ransomware in Progress

Ransomware is a booming business. Just how big is it? Well, in 2021, over $400 million was sent to Russia-linked attackers alone. But, since many companies refuse to make payments, the overall cost of ransomware attacks is even higher. Especially when you factor in lost business opportunity, client lawsuits, and...

Could Hacktivism Affect Your Business?

As human beings, it’s natural for us to support certain causes near to our hearts. Usually, it’s in the form of fundraisers, food drives, or volunteer work. But what happens when the lines between beliefs, politics, and business are blurred in the cyber landscape? ‘Hacktivism,’ a combination of the words...
New phishing techniques to watch for in 2022

New Phishing Techniques to Watch for in 2022

Phishing scammers never miss an opportunity. Whether preying on complacent workers, excited enthusiasts, or even the vulnerable, they’re always looking for a way in. That’s why knowing the latest new phishing techniques is so important. As business professionals, it’s crucial to learn new attacks to warn fellow employees, adjust email...
Alert concept - Russian cyber attack - Ideal Integrations

Why A Russian Cyber Attack Matters to Your Business

As worries of a physical conflict between Russia and Ukraine continue, an attack of a different kind is already under way.In what is believed to be a Russian cyber attack, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against the Ukraine recently took hold.Cyberattacks like these highlight the continuing trend of politically...