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What to know about the wiper malware attacks

Wiped Out: The Crippling Effects of Wiper Malware Attacks

You’re probably familiar with several forms of cyberattacks your business faces every day. Nations-states prefer to steal data, while cybercriminals generally either opt for cryptomining or encrypting your data for a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, while this has been true for years, recent strikes reveal a new appetite for destruction: wiper...
Computer with Ransomware

The Growing Impact of Ransomware

You work hard for your paycheck. Just like everyone else, cyber attackers want to make money, too. But, unlike most people, they work through theft, data ransom, and extortion. When attacked, victims feel no choice but to pay up – even despite the poor odds of recovery. To achieve their...
how to avoid ransomware

How to Avoid Ransomware Consequences

Can you believe the third week of cybersecurity awareness month is already here? This week’s theme: Explore. Experience. Share. In honor of this spirit, let’s explore some of the latest issues, learn how to avoid some negative experiences, and share in the latest information available. From newly released patches to...
cybersecurity insurance

Here’s Why Cybersecurity Insurance Costs are Rising

Many organizations rely on cybersecurity insurance to help them recover from ransomware and other cybersecurity incidents. Unfortunately, because of the drastic rise in attacks, insurance companies have suffered major losses. As a result, they’ve been forced to increase their premiums and require improved security from their customers. In many cases,...
Healthcare Ransomware Ideal Integrations

Ransomware Puts Healthcare on High Alert

Recently, ransomware has been all over the news, with high-profile cases attracting more and more attention. And although ransomware can affect anyone, healthcare providers face dangers few other industries must cope with. When hospitals, 911-call centers, and long-term care facilities are hit, the health and lives of patients are put...