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Apple update security flaw - man using iPhone

September Roundup: An Apple Update You Need to Address Now

It seems as though nearly every day, new discoveries are made regarding software security issues. Sometimes they’re discovered by researchers, sometimes by hackers. But regardless of how they’re detected, what’s important is how you respond. As these issues are addressed, companies correct the flaws and issue updates and patches. And,...
What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

As Microsoft rushed out an emergency patch for PrintNightmare, the cloud-based Kaseya suffered a nightmare of their own. This occurred when hackers used Kaseya’s server management software to deliver ransomware. These and similar ransomware attacks raised the awareness of malware to the point that both the White House and the...
PrintNightmare Vulnerabilities

PrintNightmare Vulnerabilities and Best Practices

Anytime hackers are publicly alerted to security flaws, bad news is bound to follow. No matter how hard you try, not everything goes according to plan, as with the recently revealed PrintNightmare bug. Just like in your everyday life, sometimes cybersecurity takes two steps forward and one step back. When...