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New vulnerabilities - Ideal Integrations

These New Vulnerabilities Require Your Attention Now

Normally, we wait until the Windows patches arrive to cover new vulnerabilities, updates, and issues. However, the release of two urgent patches, outside of the norm, provides an important reminder: not all patches arrive on our preferred schedules. And sometimes, they involve systems outside the normal scope of operations. Sometimes...
What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

As Microsoft rushed out an emergency patch for PrintNightmare, the cloud-based Kaseya suffered a nightmare of their own. This occurred when hackers used Kaseya’s server management software to deliver ransomware. These and similar ransomware attacks raised the awareness of malware to the point that both the White House and the...
Security patches for June

June Patches and Updates You Need to Know About

Every month brings both new challenges and new opportunities to the world of technology. Problems arise, and updates bring stronger security to our systems. The month of June has been no exception, and includes the usual patches for Windows operating system. However, there are also several unusual patch releases for...
Is patching enough? We cover it here.

Is Patching Enough? What Further Steps You Need to Take

Previously, we discussed emergency Exchange patches promoted by Homeland Security involving four known zero-day vulnerabilities in on-premises Exchange servers. While it was suggested that organizations regularly check their servers for signs of malicious activity, an enormous surge in recent attacks requires more detailed and explicit warnings. This onslaught of ransomware...
On-prem or off-prem servers?

Could off-prem servers be on-point for you?

Recently, the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency ordered other federal agencies to immediately update or physically disconnect on-premises (on-prem) Microsoft Exchange servers. Chinese hackers using active exploitation has driven the urgent need for action. In addition to Homeland Security’s order, Microsoft has also issued emergency out-of-band patches to address...