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Password Security - passwords on a sticky pad

Is It Time for a Password Manager?

Software users are constantly reminded to select unique passwords and keep them private.Companies enforce password complexity and maintain requirements for how often those passwords need to be changed.With that in mind, users are only human. The vast majority struggle to memorize a few passwords– let alone dozens, if not hundreds,...
Cloud technology security & computing - virtual infrastructure

The Advantages of SDWAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SDWAN) continues to evolve and provide new features and advantages for any organization with the need to operate in multiple locations.  However, many organizations don’t take full advantage of its capabilities. SDWAN Advantages When wide area networks (WAN) were first developed, telecommunication companies provided dedicated Multiprotocol...
Which Data Storage Solution is Best For You? - Ideal Integrations

Which Data Storage Solution Works Best For You?

Before the internet, we had networks. And, before we even had networks, we had data storage.  Many people take data storage for granted. Yet, despite its long history, data storage technology and techniques continue to evolve. Solid-state arrays Solid-state arrays, or shared storage device resources comprised of solid-state drives, are...
wireless devices connected to a network - Know Your Network

Know Your Network: Why Details Matter in IT

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is about reminding all organizations to be aware and to plan for the worst. Know your systems, anticipate their failure, and plan contingencies accordingly. Of course, that does not simply mean protecting a network, or key servers, or just the PCs on the network.  It means having...
Amazon Alexa Device - Network Exploits - Ideal Integrations

Unexpected Network Exploits

Small businesses often talk to IT vendors strictly in terms of computers. Certainly, network design for the personal computers and servers is a critical baseline, but often it fails to capture the reality of the modern office. Voice over IP telecom systems, smart phones, voice-activated devices such as the Amazon Alexa, and...