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Microsoft Exchange Servers - man on server laptop

These Microsoft Exchange Servers Need Your Attention

As we pass the halfway mark on 2022, known vulnerabilities continue haunting companies who’ve been slow to patch and update. So, when you're given advanced warning of future problems - such as with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - you need to take advantage of it and prepare. But, more on...
April 2022 security patches

What to do when patches don’t work as intended

When software providers send their monthly updates to address vulnerabilities, you justifiably jump to test and implement the patches. However, this doesn’t mean that all patches work as intended, or without consequences. No matter the update, you always need to be alert of how these patches affect your systems. And,...
Secure your vulnerabilities - avoid becoming the April fool.

Avoid Becoming an April Fool by Securing Your Vulnerabilities

Securing any organization is hard. However, neglecting simple issues makes us foolish.From on-prem Exchange servers to SMS multifactor, some vulnerabilities can be self-inflicted and are easily resolved.Though teams may be short of bandwidth, some projects are too important to put off - even if it means outsourcing or putting aside...
On-prem or off-prem servers?

Could off-prem servers be on-point for you?

Recently, the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency ordered other federal agencies to immediately update or physically disconnect on-premises (on-prem) Microsoft Exchange servers. Chinese hackers using active exploitation has driven the urgent need for action. In addition to Homeland Security’s order, Microsoft has also issued emergency out-of-band patches to address...