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Secure your vulnerabilities - avoid becoming the April fool.

Avoid Becoming an April Fool by Securing Your Vulnerabilities

Securing any organization is hard. However, neglecting simple issues makes us foolish.From on-prem Exchange servers to SMS multifactor, some vulnerabilities can be self-inflicted and are easily resolved.Though teams may be short of bandwidth, some projects are too important to put off - even if it means outsourcing or putting aside...
On-prem or off-prem servers?

Could off-prem servers be on-point for you?

Recently, the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency ordered other federal agencies to immediately update or physically disconnect on-premises (on-prem) Microsoft Exchange servers. Chinese hackers using active exploitation has driven the urgent need for action. In addition to Homeland Security’s order, Microsoft has also issued emergency out-of-band patches to address...
Accellion cyber security issues

Urgent Patches & Attacks, as Accellion Troubles Continue

New vulnerabilities and attacks emerge on a daily basis. IT professionals must be constantly aware and spread the word to their peers. We also must inform our non-technical colleagues so that they can avoid becoming victims themselves. The critical vulnerabilities covered here primarily target technical peers who apply the patches....
cyber crime report for February

February Is Cold, Cyber Crime Colder

As ransomware continues to plague organizations, attackers find other creative ways to breach your systems. These attacks are both a warning and insight into malicious trends. The question – will the bar for minimum compliance be raised? And, will it put a stop to certain types of cyber crime? Free,...
Conference call - Microsoft 365 cloud security

Here’s How to Strengthen Your Microsoft 365 Security

During quarantine, many organizations moved to the cloud. But, if you're new to the cloud, you may not know all of the options available to defend one of the most commonly used productivity platforms in the world, Microsoft 365. With email phishing as the leading entry point for ransomware attacks,...