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Ransomware attacks in spring

Spring Ahead of Ransomware Attacks

Although cyberattacks evolve and change every year, the cycle remains the same. Vulnerabilities are discovered in IT systems, cybercriminals strike, and software patches are created to fix the issue. Attackers seek new weaknesses and the cycle repeats. With the spring season well under way, now is a great time to...
IT outsourcing - managed services

Outsourcing – Expertise & Flexibility On-Demand

Many organizations benefit from outsourcing IT, but not all organizations use IT service partners in the same way. Some organizations pursue full outsourcing while others outsource very specifically to compliment in-house resources. Even a single organization’s use of outsourcing will evolve and change over time as the organization progresses. After...
Cyber security efforts by the FBI

Will IT Security Become a Public Resource?

Last week, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) actively took measures to counter threats from security flaws. With increasing resources applied by foreign governments to attack U.S. commercial and civic interests, we may have to reconsider where we draw the line between private and public...
Password Security - passwords on a sticky pad

Is It Time for a Password Manager?

Software users are constantly reminded to select unique passwords and keep them private.Companies enforce password complexity and maintain requirements for how often those passwords need to be changed.With that in mind, users are only human. The vast majority struggle to memorize a few passwords– let alone dozens, if not hundreds,...
Vulnerabilities assessment

Risky Business: Ignoring Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Many cybersecurity articles focus on securing vulnerabilities and protecting against attacks, such as ransomware or the ProxyLogon vulnerability.Sometimes organizations have legitimate reasons to opt against patching their systems.Many industrial applications still in use were written for older operating systems. These may not function on current versions or after patches are...