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Cybersecurity updates for August

This Week in Cybersecurity: Patches and Attacks You Should Know About

From the largest IT consultants to the home office worker, hackers look for vulnerabilities to exploit wherever they can. As recent attacks prove, no one is immune. With new patches recently released for Windows, SAP, and other commonly used software programs, IT teams must move quickly to minimize the risk...
What to do once you detect a data breach

Data Breach Detected! Now What?

No matter how hard we try to secure our systems, data breaches happen.The key to bouncing back is how quickly you detect the data breach, how quickly you respond, and how fast your data is restored from backups.With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s more important than ever prepare a plan...
Healthcare data breaches and how to keep your team safe

Essential Tactics to Stop Healthcare Data Breaches

Every industry needs to take data breaches seriously, but if you’re a healthcare provider, you have extra incentive. Why is this so? The frequent use of legacy tech, combined with placing patient welfare above everything else, makes healthcare providers more vulnerable. Making matters worse, the consequences of HIPAA and other...
What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

As Microsoft rushed out an emergency patch for PrintNightmare, the cloud-based Kaseya suffered a nightmare of their own. This occurred when hackers used Kaseya’s server management software to deliver ransomware. These and similar ransomware attacks raised the awareness of malware to the point that both the White House and the...
Recent patches and defining vulnerabilities

Dell BIOS Bomb, Available Upgrades & New Vulnerabilities

Manufacturers always strive to put their best foot forward, and typically pride themselves on making a better product.But even with the best of intentions, sometimes new updates simply don’t work as planned. With new features sometimes come new security problems, new headaches, or the need for costly new hardware. Such is...