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Cybersecurity updates for August

This Week in Cybersecurity: Patches and Attacks You Should Know About

From the largest IT consultants to the home office worker, hackers look for vulnerabilities to exploit wherever they can. As recent attacks prove, no one is immune. With new patches recently released for Windows, SAP, and other commonly used software programs, IT teams must move quickly to minimize the risk...
Active Directory

4 Quick, Easy Tips to Boost Your Active Directory Security

It’s not often that the words “quick and easy” are used in the same sentence as “cybersecurity,” and yet sometimes, these two worlds do collide. In the case of your Active Directory (AD), improving security is easier than you might think. Active Directory manages the users, devices, and permissions within a...
What are your legal obligations in cyber security

What are your legal obligations in cyber security?

Even with top-notch security in place, failures are inevitable. Though businesses strive to limit damage, an unlucky few could find themselves defending their security in a courtroom, regulatory hearing, or before the board of directors. Add in budget constraints, and difficult decisions must be made. From the smallest in-home business...
Ryuk ransomware hitting healthcare industry hard

Healthcare Industry Targeted By Ryuk Ransomware

Last week, we discussed the criticality of data security for the healthcare industry and the different fines that result from data management failure. As if that wasn’t scary enough for Halloween, the FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) convened at...