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April 2022 security patches

November Security Patches and Attacks You Need to Know About

While Microsoft and other vendors issue patches monthly, attackers provide daily reminders to address your vulnerabilities. As new attacks arise and software programs reach the end of their support, you need to make sure to stay current, protect your organization, and continue monitoring for malicious activity. These newest patches and...
Mobile devices and multifactor authentication

Why You Need to be Using Multi-Factor Authentication

You wouldn’t use your pet’s name for your password, right? And, of course, you know that using “password123456” is a bad decision. Now, you can add another bad practice to your list of “no-no’s.” The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) always maintains a Bad Practices Catalog of “exceptionally...
Security Updates for July 2021

Security Updates & Workarounds You Need to Address

You know how important it is to keep current with patches and security updates, and it’s a never-ending struggle. Recently, there’s been quite a bit to catch up on. Although flaws in Windows lead the headlines, they’re not alone. Apple, Pulse Secure, and Atlassian also recently released patches for significant...
Bad links can cause major problems for companies

3 Strategies to Keep Employees From Clicking Bad Links

Phishing tests our cyber security every day.Even the best training can’t prevent tired or distracted employees from clicking on a bad links. Fortunately, there are additional defensive layers you can deploy to prevent attacks or provide speedy remediation.  Spelling Mistakes & Inconsistencies In September, the Emotet botnet sent out emails...