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A drawing of a hacker breaching healthcare cybersecurity

3 Keys to Avoid High Cost of Healthcare Cybersecurity Failures

It's in inescapable fact: cybersecurity failures cost companies big money. And, it's even worse when healthcare cybersecurity breaches occur. Sure, the direct costs of incident response and recovery remain high. But, that’s only a fraction of the intangible costs of damaged business reputation, intellectual property theft, and lawsuits. That's why...
Antivirus - is it enough for your business?

Is Traditional Antivirus Enough for Your Business in 2022?

Endpoints are where human interactions happen between your data, your network and, unfortunately, malware.So, you know you need endpoint protection for these devices. But where do you begin?Traditional antivirus software (AV)? Next-generation antivirus (NGAV)? Or something more substantial, like endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions?Superficially, there’s not much difference between...