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A finger clicking on what appears to be an icon, with the word Backup at the top of the image, for data backups

What’s the Value of Managed Data Backups for Your Business?

Backups remain an essential component of any data protection strategy. And yet, many organizations don’t realize the value that reliable backups provide to their businesses. When you ignore the benefits of backing up data regularly and effectively, the process too often becomes relegated to the sidelines. In some cases, you...
A binder with the words Disaster Recovery Plan written in bright yellow lettering

How to Create an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is one of the most important components of modern business. Regardless of the emphasis your company puts on cybersecurity and redundancy, there’s always a chance that a business-critical system can be impacted by an unexpected outage. A simple user error or a successful phishing attempt that...