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Secure internal infrastructure - women working on computers

Secure Internal Infrastructure Against These Attacks

A standard perimeter security defense focuses on policing in-bound traffic and defending from external attack. But, you need to secure internal infrastructure, too.That's because in a modern IT environment, with so many devices connected to the internet, attacks now come from inside your perimeter just as easily.In fact, depending upon...
CafePress Fined - Cybersecurity News

Cybersecurity News: Here’s Why CafePress Faces a $500K Fine

Let's face it; mistakes happen.But, when those mistakes are compounded by ignorance, laziness, and deceit, the results are even worse.Following a series of cybersecurity failures, this was the harsh lesson learned by one large online retailer.After suffering a data breach, CafePress now faces a $500,000 fine, and must submit to...