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Computer with Ransomware

The Growing Impact of Ransomware

You work hard for your paycheck.Just like everyone else, cyber attackers want to make money, too.But, unlike most people, they work through theft, data ransom, and extortion.When attacked, victims feel no choice but to pay up – even despite the poor odds of recovery.To achieve their objective, threat actors keep...
Cybersecurity - offense v. defense

Offense vs. Defense: Who’s Winning the Race for Cybersecurity?

There is a constant race between both defenders and attackers of cybersecurity, and winning it is crucial to the stability of your business. Criminal gangs find success by exploiting weaknesses. Thankfully however, they can be countered. As new vulnerabilities arise, the four fundamentals of successful defense remain the same: stay...
Cyber Attack Evolution for the New Year

Cyber Attack Evolution for the New Year

As 2019 draws to a close, you may be tempted to relax and enjoy the holidays. However, before you do so, let’s make sure you're keeping up with the new wave of evolved attacks and vulnerabilities.  Sometimes, evolution does not involve a novel attack, but instead, a new way to...
Cybersecurity - 7 tips for how to improve

The Vulnerability is the Target

Data Breaches and CybersecuritySometimes clients know why they might be targets. Banks, for example, have been targets long before they went digital.  However, many small companies wonder why would they be a target for hackers. In an interview with Sue Marquette Poremba of IT Business Edge, James Strickland, CEO of Veridium, gives...