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An image of a cloud, representing cloud storage. Text reads "6 Tips for keeping your shared cloud storage organized"

6 Helpful Tips to Keep Shared Cloud Storage Organized

Document handling has been revolutionized by cloud storage. Files no longer need to be emailed back and forth, and you don't have to wonder who has the latest version of a document in the office. Just maintain an organized shared cloud storage system, and you streamline the whole process.  Between...
Remote worker operating in the digital workplace

5 Mistakes You’re Making in the Digital Workplace

Navigating through the digital workplace isn't always easy, especially in a changing world. Globally, companies have been heavily affected by the pandemic in various ways. As a result, many organizations had to change the way they operate. The status quo of everyone working in the office, no longer made sense...
Storage options for your business in 2020

Storage Solutions for Your Business in 2020

A new year is upon us! You’ve made resolutions and budgets to improve both yourself and your organization. As part of that process, many CIOs take this opportunity to consider their data storage options and infrastructure. Recently, we detailed some of the advancements available thanks to new capabilities within Windows...
Which Data Storage Solution is Best For You? - Ideal Integrations

Which Data Storage Solution Works Best For You?

Before the internet, we had networks. And, before we even had networks, we had data storage.  Many people take data storage for granted. Yet, despite its long history, data storage technology and techniques continue to evolve. Solid-state arrays Solid-state arrays, or shared storage device resources comprised of solid-state drives, are...