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Woman working on a laptop - speed up your computer with these steps

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Sick of waiting for your slow computer to process large files? Tired of it bogging down every time you open more than one or two programs? Need a way to speed up your computer before it drives you crazy? We get it. Really, who hasn't experienced that frustration? Whether you’re...
Cloud technology security & computing - virtual infrastructure

Why You Should Use A Virtual Infrastructure

Are you trying to decide whether or not virtualization is for you?If you want to saving money, energy and space, then you're certainly on track.Regardless of your business's size, a virtual infrastructure adds dimensions of both ease and stability.  It's software-based IT, so one physical server actually hosts multiple virtual...
Password Security - passwords on a sticky pad

Is It Time for a Password Manager?

Software users are constantly reminded to select unique passwords and keep them private.Companies enforce password complexity and maintain requirements for how often those passwords need to be changed.With that in mind, users are only human. The vast majority struggle to memorize a few passwords– let alone dozens, if not hundreds,...
Conference call - Microsoft 365 cloud security

Here’s How to Strengthen Your Microsoft 365 Security

During quarantine, many organizations moved to the cloud. But, if you're new to the cloud, you may not know all of the options available to defend one of the most commonly used productivity platforms in the world, Microsoft 365. With email phishing as the leading entry point for ransomware attacks,...
Cloud security: It's time to take it seriously - man on laptop

2021 Resolution #2: Take Cloud Security Seriously

Happy New Year! It's finally 2021! As we begin this year, we resolve to make improvements, including to verify our cloud infrastructure setup. COVID-19 forced many companies to accelerate their transformation to cloud computing but, in the rush to get up and running, many overlooked cost controls and cloud security....