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A series of laptops all interconnected to represent network implementation

Why Is the Right Network Implementation So Important?

In modern business, communication and collaboration remain essential to competitive, industry-leading companies. That means your organization needs to provide appropriate tools, so your employees can efficiently access the information needed to do their jobs. Without these necessary tools, companies stand little chance of successfully negotiating today’s ultra-competitive landscape. When you...
Recent patches and defining vulnerabilities

Recent Vulnerabilities and Defining Why They Matter

After discussing updates for much of the last few weeks, we won’t cover this month’s Windows patching Tuesday in too much detail. However, some recent patches are just too important to ignore. Last week’s VMware’s urgent patching announcement is followed by this week’s warning that attackers are now attempting to...
Security Patches for July 2022

Security Patches You Need to Make in July 2022

Patching Tuesday normally includes security patches from a lot of familiar names. And, that remains the case for July 2022, as Microsoft again leads the way with 84 patched vulnerabilities. The most dangerous of which produced a warning from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), while another update rolled...
Windows Server 2012 Changes

Using Windows Server 2012? Major Changes Are In Store

You know what they say: “Nothing lasts forever.” Few industries adhere to this statement like the tech industry does. Recently, we noted the April 2023 end of life for Windows Exchange Server 2013. Although a bit further out, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 will reach their extended end date...
Cloud technology security & computing - virtual infrastructure

Is Cloud Technology Still Right for You in 2022?

When it comes to new technologies, which camp do you fall into?Are you an eager, early adopter? Or, are you more cautious, skeptical, and arrive later on the scene?Every new technology has its supporters and detractors, and adoption of cloud technology is no different.The pros and cons of cloud technology...