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April 2022 security patches

Security Patches You Need to Address in April 2022

Patching your systems with monthly updates is usually a mundane task.But, the severities of this month’s weaknesses aren’t exactly routine – especially if they’re actively exploited.While “April showers bring May flowers” might be a rhyme you’re tired of hearing, April’s patches and updates bring relief from the flaws of the...
Firewall - lock on documents

Is Your Firewall Creating a False Sense of (Cyber)Security?

Decades ago, strong IT security meant a strong firewall plus antivirus. Today however, while firewalls and endpoint protection remain basic requirements, they no longer provide sufficient security. Unfortunately, many time and budget-strapped organizations haven’t caught up to the reality of the times. Once an attacker penetrates your firewall or disguises...
log4j vulnerability

Log4j Vulnerability Affects Majority of Businesses

Sure, you probably expected the usual Microsoft updates, but who saw the Log4j vulnerability coming? The recently discovered Log4j flaw is like the gift that keeps on giving. Except instead of a gift, it’s a headache. And, instead of giving, it’s lingering. Already, three patches have been issued. Yes, three....
Security patches for June

June Patches and Updates You Need to Know About

Every month brings both new challenges and new opportunities to the world of technology. Problems arise, and updates bring stronger security to our systems. The month of June has been no exception, and includes the usual patches for Windows operating system. However, there are also several unusual patch releases for...
Windows vulnerability to patch now

You Need to Patch this Windows Vulnerability Now

February’s Patching Tuesday arrived with another batch of urgent and critical patches for vulnerabilities. One set of three Windows TCP/IP vulnerabilities even merited a special warning. The three critical and high-severity vulnerabilities all expose organizations to remote exploitation by unauthenticated attackers, and should be patched as quickly as possible. Two...