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Secure your vulnerabilities - avoid becoming the April fool.

Avoid Becoming an April Fool by Securing Your Vulnerabilities

Securing any organization is hard. However, neglecting simple issues makes us foolish.From on-prem Exchange servers to SMS multifactor, some vulnerabilities can be self-inflicted and are easily resolved.Though teams may be short of bandwidth, some projects are too important to put off - even if it means outsourcing or putting aside...
Ransomware attack updates - Holiday season 2020

Ransomware attack hits computer giant, remains major threat

Earlier this month, Taiwanese computer giant Acer -- the world's 6th-largest PC vendor by unit sales, as of January 2021 -- was hit with a ransomware attack by the REvil gang, who is demanding a $50 million ransom.The largest ransomware attack ever announced, it serves as a reminder: Ransomware remains an enormous...