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Business Continuity Desktop as a Service

With the growing concerns around COVID-19, are you being tasked with setting up work from home policies and procedures? Our experienced team at Ideal Integrations can help ease your burden with Business Continuity Desktop as a Service (BC-DaaS). 

BC-DaaS allows you to build a solution to afford your employees the ability to work from home without investing in costly hardware or resources you don’t need. 

The solution will allow employees to access a secure connection on their own devices with little to no disruption to daily business needs.

VMware Carbon Black Unlimited Endpoints

March 20 - June 20, 2020

Burst capacity at no additional cost: The program enables our customers to deploy their Carbon Black products on as many endpoints as they need to get their remote workers operational in a secure manner. Their license counts have no limit for the next 90 days.

Secure all corporate and home endpoints: The burst program covers all Carbon Black products with the exception of Carbon Black EDR Hosted (aka CB Response Cloud).  Carbon Black Cloud, Carbon Black Endpoint Detection, and Response and Carbon Black App Control can deploy freely to their new endpoints without limit.

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