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How to Gain the Edge in Customer Service

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Would you say that customer service is one of your company’s strong points? Or, would you consider it a weakness?

The lack of a viable service desk can hurt a company in multiple ways. In the current ultra-competitive business landscape, you simply can’t afford to provide your customers or employees inferior support.

Failure to address customer concerns often leads to lost business, while poor employee support leads to frustration and diminished productivity.

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the resources necessary for staffing a service desk that can address both customer and employee issues.

So, instead of having a dedicated service team, they try to get by as best they can. When a problem occurs, individuals from the IT team with some experience or expertise in the given area are enlisted to handle the problem.

While it’s certainly better than nothing, it often results in overworked and stressed team members, as well as dissatisfied customers.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to deliver stellar service to internal and external customers, without straining your business.

Engaging a reliable third party to implement a managed service desk offers an efficient and cost-effective method of providing service desk functionality, and keep everyone happy.

Why a Managed Service Desk Makes Sense

While large companies may find it beneficial to staff an internal service desk, it’s not usually an option for smaller organizations. It’s a completely understandable situation.

You might not have available personnel nor the financial resources necessary to support a full-time service desk. Yet, you still need to provide the same level of service, or you risk alienating customers and negatively impacting employees.

That’s exactly where a managed service desk solution comes into play.

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The Key Benefits

Managed service desks offer multiple benefits that enhance your reputation and ensure your business stays on track.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the most valuable advantages of working with a managed service desk provider.

  • The round-the-clock availability of a managed service desk is essential for handling issues as they arise, and not forcing customers to wait.

  • The service desk can be customized and scaled to meet fluctuating business requirements. This helps optimize you optimize your budget, and avoids wasting resources when they not needed.

  • Support can be made available for both customers and employees from dedicated experts rather than harried internal personnel who are trying their best but may not be capable of delivering effective service.

  • The expertise of a managed service desk can handle hardware, software, and operating system issues that plague customers and business.

  • You can choose the level of support provided from a managed service desk.

    For example, you might only want your managed service desk to handle simple issues, while referring more complex problems to your in-house experts. In other situations, you may be comfortable utilizing it for full end-to-end support for all problems.

  • You focus on running your business, while your service provider handles the rest.
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Making the Move

As the demands of business grow and competition intensifies, customer & employee support can become a tremendous your greatest asset – or your greatest weakness.

 And, although you may not have the resources to staff one yourself, you can still enjoy the benefits of one, without breaking your budget.

Ideal Integrations
, along with the support of our cybersecurity division, Blue Bastion, can help.

We offer our customers an in-house managed service desk that provides timely and professional support. And, you’ll eliminate the costly overhead associated with an in-house support staff.

No matter your company size, you’ll enjoy the confidence of a professionally run help desk that addresses customer and employee issues quickly and effectively.

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