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How Safe is Your Office 365 Data?


Are you using Microsoft Office 365 for your business?

It’s great, right? From cloud-powered Outlook email to user-friendly apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, you’ve got one great solution.

Office 365 offers great security and customer support. However, according to our friends at Veeam, Microsoft focuses on uptime and Office infrastructure maintenance, not your data.


Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft works hard to keep Office 365 available at all times, anywhere in the world.

In fact, it boasts a 99.9% financially backed, uptime service guarantee. Though, when it comes to your data, the details get a bit fuzzy.

The company explains via its website that “Microsoft business cloud services take strong measures to help protect you customer data from inappropriate access or use by unauthorized persons.”

While that’s comforting, you’re not working with any sort of guarantee. Microsoft takes charge of many services, but it empowers customers to maintain responsibility of their own data.

That’s why you need access to, and control of, your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data.


Reasons to back up Microsoft Office 365


Failure to back up your data puts you and your company at risk.

Vulnerabilities associated with that risk make you susceptible to losing documents forever, security threats, and email management challenges.


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In a recent publication, Veeam offered six reasons why you should back up Office 365.

We’ve decided to expand upon that, a bit, with the help of Ideal Integrations’s director of sales engineering, Ryan Romano.

Continue onto the next page for Ryan’s breakdown:


Accidental Deletion


Accidental deletion of necessary information, or the need to retrieve information thought to be no longer needed is the most common reason a proper backup of your Office 365 data is necessary. 

While Microsoft provides the uptime, backup and restoration of information falls to the customer to manage.

It is important to understand just how deletions are managed in Office 365.  There are two types of deletions; soft delete and hard delete.

An example of soft delete is emptying the Deleted Items folder. It is also referred to as “Permanently Deleted.” In this case, permanent is not completely permanent, as the item can still be found in the “Recoverable Items” mailbox.

A hard delete occurs when an item is tagged to be purged from the mailbox database completely. Once this happens, it is unrecoverable, period.

A properly configured and managed backup solution is the only way to be sure that your data is recoverable in the event of accidental deletion. 

Retention Policy Gaps & Confusion


It is important that your Microsoft Office 365 data match your company’s policy on data retention. 

For example, if you have a 3-year data retention policy, and Office 365 data is part of that policy, you’ll need to provide and manage a backup solution to meet that. 

Oftentimes, cloud hosted data like Office 365 is overlooked and ends up outside of the retention policy. 

Adding Veeam-based backups to your Office 365 solution will ensure that policy is met.

Security Threats


Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is more advanced than ever before. 

In the event your company is hit by a modern threat, your Office 365 data may also be at risk.   The limited backup and recovery options offer by Office 365 may be insufficient for restore after such an event. 

Proper backups will ensure that your data is protected and restorable in such a case.

Managing Hybrid Email Deployments


Many Office 365 configuration are not fully hosted in Microsoft’s cloud. 

Hybrid Microsoft Exchange on prem / Microsoft Exchange Online solutions are very popular (both as a long-term solution and as a temporary solution for migration. 

Backups in these scenarios often end up piecemealed together, with a combination of backup products, different retention abilities, and multiple portals to manage. 

Utilizing Veeam will allow you to manage a simplified, complete, and consistent backup solution through a single management console.

The Right Support


Are you concerned about your Microsoft 365 data?

It takes the right backup plan with the right team to keep your business’s data safe and secure.

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