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Cyber Kill Chain Model - Ideal Integrations

The Cyber Kill Chain Model is Obsolete

In the early 2000s, Lockheed Martin defined the cyber kill chain framework to identify the stages in which cyber adversaries attack an organization.Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer at Carbon Black, now declares that model insufficient.As covered by Aaron Tan of, the original cyber kill chain model identifies a sequence...
Amazon Alexa Device - Network Exploits - Ideal Integrations

Unexpected Network Exploits

Small businesses often talk to IT vendors strictly in terms of computers. Certainly, network design for the personal computers and servers is a critical baseline, but often it fails to capture the reality of the modern office. Voice over IP telecom systems, smart phones, voice-activated devices such as the Amazon Alexa, and...
Benefits of Cloud Computing - Ideal Integrations

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

 The traditional office and workspace layout looks nearly unrecognizable compared to 10 years ago. As technology moves to more virtual and mobile spaces, staying connected to vital company documents and resources proves to be catalytic to a successful company. Cloud computing ensures improved work experience through hosting servers, networks, and...
Cellphone with Security Warning - Ransomware

Ransomware: Preparing for an Attack

Last week we talked about how the vulnerability is the target, and that remains true.  Of course, once someone has hacked your system and has found a way in, it might become a different story.  For example, most ransomware is randomly targeted, and nets between $17,000 and $500,000 per attack,...
Blue Bastion Cyber Security

Washington Partners with Blue Bastion, Ideal Integrations

In May, a ransomware attack forced city of Washington, PA officials to take down their communication system and pay a $21,250 ransom to regain control of it.The incident prompted computer systems & website coordinator, Lynn Galluze to contact Blue Bastion and Ideal Integrations for a managed IT and cyber security...