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Port knocking on a keyboard

What Is Port Knocking, and Why Should You Use It?

Can you make your servers invisible to attackers? Well, maybe not in the physical, super-hero sense. But digitally, yes, you can. Port knocking and single-packet authentication (SPA) can hide servers, gateways, and other devices from prying eyes. They help make devices unresponsive to digital probes from the thousands of casual...
April 2022 security patches

January Patches You Need to Address

Ah yes, a new year. Full of opportunity, potential, and unfortunately, new vulnerabilities & patches. With twice the typical volume of patches to address as normal for January, expect your IT team to stay busy. From Microsoft’s update plugging nearly 120 security issues, to Apple and SonicWall’s crucial updates, your...
Cloud security & computing - virtual infrastructure

Why You Should Use A Virtual Infrastructure

Are you trying to decide whether or not virtualization is for you?If you want to saving money, energy and space, then you're certainly on track.Regardless of your business's size, a virtual infrastructure adds dimensions of both ease and stability.  It's software-based IT, so one physical server actually hosts multiple virtual...
The importance of information governance

Breaking Down Information Governance and Its Importance

In 2022, businesses face some uncomfortable facts: Suffering data breaches may be more probable than avoiding one. Regulators require you to know what data you have, where it is located, and notify those affected by a breach promptly. When breaches occur, unprepared organizations suffer the most embarrassment and biggest financial...
cyber security customization tactics

The Advantages of Cyber Security Customization

It seems new malware attacks are discovered nearly every day. Why do they keep working? What can you do to prevent them? Computers are built for a broad audience, allowing for a diverse range of software and hardware configurations. This one-size-fits-all approach leads to the general weaknesses upon which malware...