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Security Updates for July 2021

Security Updates & Workarounds You Need to Address

You know how important it is to keep current with patches and security updates, and it’s a never-ending struggle. Recently, there’s been quite a bit to catch up on. Although flaws in Windows lead the headlines, they’re not alone. Apple, Pulse Secure, and Atlassian also recently released patches for significant...
Phishing attacks - 3 key strategies to staying safe and secure

3 Key Strategies to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks pose a major threat your organization. Just how dangerous are they? Phishing accounts for 80% of reported security incidents and as much as 94% of all malware delivery. The sheer number of phishing attempts makes complete elimination difficult. However, you can drastically reduce your exposure with these three...
What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

What to Know About Kaseya, PrintNightmare, and White House Warnings

As Microsoft rushed out an emergency patch for PrintNightmare, the cloud-based Kaseya suffered a nightmare of their own. This occurred when hackers used Kaseya’s server management software to deliver ransomware. These and similar ransomware attacks raised the awareness of malware to the point that both the White House and the...
PrintNightmare Vulnerabilities

PrintNightmare Vulnerabilities and Best Practices

Anytime hackers are publicly alerted to security flaws, bad news is bound to follow. No matter how hard you try, not everything goes according to plan, as with the recently revealed PrintNightmare bug. Just like in your everyday life, sometimes cybersecurity takes two steps forward and one step back. When...
Dell BIOS Bomb rounds out latest IT updates - Ideal Integrations

Dell BIOS Bomb, Available Upgrades & New Vulnerabilities

Manufacturers always strive to put their best foot forward, and typically pride themselves on making a better product.But even with the best of intentions, sometimes new updates simply don’t work as planned. With new features sometimes come new security problems, new headaches, or the need for costly new hardware. Such is...