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Remote Computer Setup - 3 common cloud backup mistakes

Avoid These 3 Common Cloud Backup Mistakes

If you're new to cloud computing, you might tend to rely heavily on cloud service providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or VMWare).While these companies provide excellent cloud solutions, you still need someone in place to actively manage your backups. Otherwise, they can become vulnerable in the cloud.There are...
It gaps and adjustments after covid-19

Post-Pandemic IT Gaps & Adjustments

First we were quarantined, then we tried to come back to the office. Now, we may need to quarantine again? For those managing these endless transitions, stress levels continue to rise thanks to changing roles, the vulnerable expanding attack surface, and unforeseen gaps in our security. Changing Requirements for CISOs...
corporate meeting - wireless connectivity - ideal integrations

5G or WiFi: Which Wireless Option is Best For You?

At the end of June, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared Huawei and ZTE national security threats due to their close ties with the Chinese government.  This puts pressure on the rollout for 5G networks by limiting carriers’ equipment suppliers. Meanwhile, around the same time, the National Institute of Standards...
healthcare it & security 2020

Healthcare IT & Security Tips for 2020

As the United States continues to deal with Covid-19, our healthcare providers bear an enormous strain as they try to simultaneously provide patient care and minimize contact. The sudden shift to remote contacts exposes new weaknesses in many applications, and adds to the challenges of healthcare IT and cybersecurity teams....
remote work tools

Remote Work Tools to Continue Utilizing Once Back in the Office

The early days of COVID-19, social distancing and work from home practices involved a heavy learning curve. It's been a few months now, and a lot of us feel like we know our way around some new technologies that made it possible to operate a business from home. As many...