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How Safe is Your Office 365 Data?

  Are you using Microsoft Office 365 for your business? It's great, right? From cloud-powered Outlook email to user-friendly apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, you've got one great solution. Office 365 offers great security and customer support. However, according to our friends at Veeam, Microsoft focuses on uptime...
Cybercrime - Breaking Down a Data Breach

Breaking Down a Data Breach

Running a business involves a lot of risk & reward. Whether you develop a new product or introduce a new service, you're putting yourself out there... taking a risk. Whichever you choose, it's bound to flop or succeed - risk/reward. However, one aspect of business involves great risk and zero...
Cloud security & computing - virtual infrastructure

Why You Should Use A Virtual Infrastructure

Are you trying to decide whether or not virtualization is for you?If you want to saving money, energy and space, then you're certainly on track.Regardless of your business's size, a virtual infrastructure adds dimensions of both ease and stability.  It's software-based IT, so one physical server actually hosts multiple virtual...