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Healthcare and cybersecurity breaches

Cybersecurity: Healthcare Breaches Intensify

Urgent Notice: Patch Microsoft Zerologon Exploits ASAP Microsoft and the U.S. Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency urgently recommend applying the patches for CVE-2020-1472 that were released in August. The vulnerability, known as Zerologon, allows for authentication bypass within Microsoft’s Netlogon Remote Protocol as well as within Samba. This flaw...
Top Workplaces Pittsburgh 2020 - Ideal Integrations

Ideal Integrations Wins Pittsburgh Top Workplaces 2020 Award

Ideal Integrations has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. The anonymous survey uniquely measures 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success...
Microsoft 365 exchange migration

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365 Migration

When you add remote users to your organization for the first time, you'll likely experience IT infrastructure strain. Meanwhile, "moving to the cloud" has become a fashionable trend that promises to deliver cost savings, improved uptime, and additional features. Will it truly help, though? That depends upon your needs, your...
3 key indicators of an attack in progress

3 Key Indicators of an Attack in Progress

To limit damage from cyber security attacks we must quickly detect them. In practice, three key indicators suggest an attack in progress: Bad login attempts, bad domains, and bad actor activity. Bad Login Attempts Many attacks begin with credential stuffing or similar attacks against Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Private...
Network Segmentation - laptop use

Network Segmentation: 3 Key Reasons to Create Smaller Segments

When setting up a network, it's tempting to put all users onto a single network and forget about it. Why? Well, at least initially, it saves time and money. And, as offices grow, desks shift, and employees change roles, that single network makes accommodating those changes easy. Legacy networks tend to...