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Person using phone and looking at photos on social media - pr cybersecurity breaches

How to Avoid The Dreaded PR Security Breach

Avoid the PR Security Breach We all want to promote our teams and our organizations. After all, the free publicity generated by public relations (PR) can help with building our reputations & brands, and complement our marketing efforts. Unfortunately, publicity can directly undermine security. Casual publicity shots and press releases can reveal...
Outsourcing - information technology - Ideal Integrations

Why COVID-19 Has Made Outsourcing Necessary

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the economic strain falls hardest upon the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) category – businesses with annual revenues less than $500m. Economic uncertainty adds additional strain to the everyday struggle and is forcing many SMB entities to consider outsourcing.Outsourcing provides many benefits, but it's not without risk. ...
Botnets - what are botnets and how to counter them - Ideal Integrations

What Are Botnets and How to Address Them

Botnet hackers obtain access to computers, servers, and/or IoT devices, then install software to perform command and control (C2) functions. These infected devices become slave devices, or robots, for the hacker who uses them to form a network (roBOT + NETwork = BOTNET). Historically, botnets used a client-server model to...
Vulnerabilities in Citrix, DNS, and F5

Vulnerabilities to DNS, Citrix, and F5

Customers with monitoring contracts already know that Ideal Integrations is actively patching a series of critical vulnerabilities. For everyone else, please ensure your IT team already is addressing these issues or contact us immediately for us to review your network and patching. Windows DNS Server Vulnerability Vulnerability CVE-2020-1350 (aka: SIGRed) takes advantage...
SLL - HTTPS guide

A Guide to HTTPS Changes

In February 2020, Apple unilaterally declared that it would no longer recognize TLS certificates that were older than 398 days old. This decision drove industry adoption of the new limitation, which will cause some headaches for IT teams. This guide quickly explains why the changes were made, and how they will...