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An image which shows a hand pointing at various aspects of a cloud migration plan

How to Create a Successful Cloud Migration Plan

Have you ever wondered what it takes to develop a cloud migration plan?Businesses with on-premises IT infrastructure have many reasons to consider migrating to the cloud. That’s because the cloud offers multiple benefits, such as: The potential for substantial cost savings, by only paying for consumed resources; Access to cutting-edge...
A shadowy figure of a hacker with a hood hiding his face sitting at a computer

How Do Hackers Find Vulnerabilities in Your Systems?

Ever wonder how hackers find vulnerabilities in your systems? Cybersecurity remains one of the top concerns for decision-makers throughout the business world. Protecting your computing environment and valuable data from hackers and cybercriminals demands the full attention of your organization’s security team. Failure to provide adequate protection can result in...
A man working at a network operations center (NOC)

Why a Managed Network Operations Center (NOC) Makes Sense

Most companies rely heavily on the performance and availability of their computing environment. Poor performance and unavailable systems typically result in disgruntled customers, lost revenue, and reduced internal productivity. However, it’s also challenging for small and mid-sized companies to devote the necessary resources to keep such environments running smoothly. After...
A woman with a hands-free phone headset, likely working at a call center for customer service

How to Gain the Edge in Customer Service

Would you say that customer service is one of your company's strong points? Or, would you consider it a weakness? The lack of a viable service desk can hurt a company in multiple ways. In the current ultra-competitive business landscape, you simply can’t afford to provide your customers or employees...
A dark background that looks like a keyboard, with bright blue lettering which reads "Data Backup"

Why Reliable Backups Are Essential for Your Company

When you're wrapped up in the day-to-day hustle of your work, it becomes all too easy to overlook the importance of reliable backups. That is, until you try to recover a critical system, or even that one single file you desperately need. That’s why creating reliable backups remains one of...