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Mobile devices and multifactor authentication

Phones & Multifactor Authentication Vulnerabilities

Single-factor authentication leaves you vulnerable to hacking. That’s why we always recommend using multifactor authentication, or at least two-factor authentication, to present an attacker with additional friction and complexity. If you’ve added multifactor authentication into place, that’s great. You’re more secure for it. However, you’re now vulnerable to what’s known...
Malware - Woman looking over her shoulder to protect her information

2019 Malware: A Year in Review

What a year it’s been for cyberattacks. In February, the trojan malware, TrickBot, became capable of stealing remote server credentials from VNC, PuTTY and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  Then, as we covered in August, attacks such as the SamSam Ransomware use VPN access as a key vector to break into...
Hacker looking for ways to access business data

Hackers, Economics, & Red Teaming

Economists know that humans will always pursue the highest value for their efforts. Hackers take this to an extreme.   Not only do they want the most bang for their buck, they're willing to go outside the boundaries of the law and common decency to do harm to others. Despite this...
Shopping bags for holidays - holiday security

Tips to Prepare Your Team With Holiday Security

Cybersecurity month is over, but here comes the holiday season!  Dark Reading is already promoting 8 holiday security tips for you to consider. Is the company mimicking the Grinch? Hardly.  With online sales expected to jump from 14% in 2018 to 18% in 2019, we should expect hackers’ efforts to...
Which Data Storage Solution is Best For You? - Ideal Integrations

Which Data Storage Solution Works Best For You?

Before the internet, we had networks. And, before we even had networks, we had data storage.  Many people take data storage for granted. Yet, despite its long history, data storage technology and techniques continue to evolve. Solid-state arrays Solid-state arrays, or shared storage device resources comprised of solid-state drives, are...