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TABLE OF EXPERTS: Cyber-Breached at the Pittsburgh Business Times office

TABLE OF EXPERTS: Cyber-Breached

Earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Business Times hosted a cybersecurity round table at its offices. It featured Ideal Integrations CEO, Michael Stratos, who hosted the event, Blue Bastion's director of cybersecurity services, Corey Bussard, Daniel Coast, CIC, CCIC & Peter J. Horne of Henderson Brothers, Inc., and Dan Desko, CISA,...
Password protection best practices

3 Ways to Improve Password Protection

In the recent news, ransomware attacks struck Pitney Bowes, a huge mailroom and shipping technology company with more than 1.5 million customers. Just before that, the FBI issued an alert on Oct. 2, 2019 to warn that, while broad-scale, untargeted ransomware attacks are decreasing, losses from ransomware continue to increase significantly. Some...
Man using social media on phone and laptop - 7 Ways to Stay Safe in Today's Cyber Environment - Ideal Integrations

7 Ways to Stay Safe in Today’s Cyber Environment

With stories of ransomware hitting cities, hospitals, and schools, along with news of data theft and corporate espionage, you're probably wondering: How do I avoid a similar fate? Well, here's some good news: Keeping your cyber environment safe is easier than you think. Here are a 7 ways to stay...
Phishing Attacks - Cyber Security Awareness - Ideal Integrations

Phishing: How to Prevent Attacks

It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  This year it arrives in the middle of an extended series of ransomware attacks on municipalities, educational institutions and hospitals. In Georgia, the city of Cornelia survived its third ransomware attack of 2019 finally decided to upgrade its ten-year-old firewall solution.   Meanwhile, in Alabama, ransomware struck...
Creating a Secure Network - Ideal Integrations

Cybersecurity Awareness: Creating a Secure Network

It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! For that reason, we want to help you create a more secure network with defense-in-depth techniques.  Defense-in-depth is an acknowledgement that firewalls, while critical and very effective, cannot stop all attacks.Instead, we need to create layers of defense that slow down and limit the impact of an...