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Security patches for June

June Patches and Updates You Need to Know About

Every month brings both new challenges and new opportunities to the world of technology. Problems arise, and updates bring stronger security to our systems. The month of June has been no exception, and includes the usual patches for Windows operating system. However, there are also several unusual patch releases for...
What are your legal obligations in cyber security

What are your legal obligations in cyber security?

Even with top-notch security in place, failures are inevitable. Though businesses strive to limit damage, an unlucky few could find themselves defending their security in a courtroom, regulatory hearing, or before the board of directors. Add in budget constraints, and difficult decisions must be made. From the smallest in-home business...
Healthcare Ransomware Ideal Integrations

Ransomware Puts Healthcare on High Alert

Recently, ransomware has been all over the news, with high-profile cases attracting more and more attention. And although ransomware can affect anyone, healthcare providers face dangers few other industries must cope with. When hospitals, 911-call centers, and long-term care facilities are hit, the health and lives of patients are put...
Cybersecurity - offense v. defense

Offense vs. Defense: Who’s Winning the Race for Cybersecurity?

There is a constant race between both defenders and attackers of cybersecurity, and winning it is crucial to the stability of your business. Criminal gangs find success by exploiting weaknesses. Thankfully however, they can be countered. As new vulnerabilities arise, the four fundamentals of successful defense remain the same: stay...
Cybersecurity Executive Order

U.S. Government Issues Cybersecurity Executive Order as Attacks Continue

Recently, a ransomware attack struck Colonial Pipeline, shutting it down and impacting fuel supplies across the Eastern United States. Within days, the president issued a cybersecurity Executive Order to shore up the U.S. government's stance on protection.Cybersecurity professionals should celebrate any resolution taking these threats more seriously, but expectations need to...