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Monitoring for cyber security breaches

2021 Resolution #3: Monitoring for Trouble

You strive for the best network security. You buy the best tools, implement overlapping layers of security, train your employees, and you practice good password hygiene. Even so, you discover holes built into your security. While a breach is not guaranteed, security flaws will certainly be discovered, even with the...
Cloud security: It's time to take it seriously - man on laptop

2021 Resolution #2: Take Cloud Security Seriously

Happy New Year! It's finally 2021! As we begin this year, we resolve to make improvements, including to verify our cloud infrastructure setup. COVID-19 forced many companies to accelerate their transformation to cloud computing but, in the rush to get up and running, many overlooked cost controls and cloud security....
Ransomware resilience & data recovery for the new year

2021 Resolution #1: Ransomware Resilience & Data Recovery

*This is the first in three-part series As 2020 comes to a close, it's time to make our New Year’s resolutions. For our first, let’s pledge not to let ransomware affect us! To deter ransomware, we take basic steps that broadly protect us from many different types of attack: Educate...
cyber security predictions for 2021

Cyber Security Predictions For 2021

Between COVID-19 and economic slowdowns, we can’t wait for 2020 to end so we can start the new year fresh. Unfortunately, cybercriminals who thrived upon phishing and ransomware attacks will be working hard to continue their success into 2021. To keep us ahead of the attackers, many experts have predicted...
Home & Commercial vulnerabilities

Why It’s Important to Secure Both Home & Commercial Vulnerabilities

Today's environment makes it harder than ever to keep attackers out of your network.   Users connect from home networks riddled with potential vulnerabilities, through tools with vulnerabilities, into networks that contain more vulnerabilities.We continue to plug the leaks as they become exposed, but it's more important than ever to recognize...