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Windows 10 updates and Microsoft patches

Windows 10 Deadlines, Patches, and More Patches

Last week, Microsoft released their monthly patches to plug security holes and other bugs in their systems.  As always, we need to pay attention to these patches because attackers immediately begin targeting these flaws.There are many reasons why we don’t install patches right away.  Some remote users may have their...
Monitoring provides a critical safety net to catch bad behavior from innovative attackers.

The Importance of Actively Monitoring For Domain Attacks

We all want to keep our users safe from harm and our organizations free from attack. Blocking malicious IP addresses and websites has been a tried and true method to cut down on attacks for a long time. Unfortunately, attackers developed new methods to turn cloud innovations into attack vectors...
Holistic Cyber Security & Your Business Webinar

VIDEO: Holistic Cyber Security & Your Business

Check out our video series from October 2020 on holistic cyber security and your business!Learn how to take a multi-faceted approach to risk reduction and protecting your business, given the current state of cyber security threats.Experts from all facets of the cyber security landscape -- including insurance, compliance, services, and...
Ryuk ransomware hitting healthcare industry hard

Healthcare Industry Targeted By Ryuk Ransomware

Last week, we discussed the criticality of data security for the healthcare industry and the different fines that result from data management failure. As if that wasn’t scary enough for Halloween, the FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) convened at...
Healthcare Industry Targeted by Ransomware

Data Security Most Critical Within Healthcare Industry

Newer state and federal laws now regulate data privacy and cybersecurity. As a preview of what may lay ahead for those affected by these laws, let's examine how HIPAA affects the healthcare industry now. Essentially, you must control your data or pay hefty fines. You can't let the wrong people...