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When patches don't work as intended - security patch

What to do when patches don’t work as intended

When software providers send their monthly updates to address vulnerabilities, you justifiably jump to test and implement the patches. However, this doesn’t mean that all patches work as intended, or without consequences. No matter the update, you always need to be alert of how these patches affect your systems. And,...
Apple update security flaw - man using iPhone

September Roundup: An Apple Update You Need to Address Now

It seems as though nearly every day, new discoveries are made regarding software security issues. Sometimes they’re discovered by researchers, sometimes by hackers. But regardless of how they’re detected, what’s important is how you respond. As these issues are addressed, companies correct the flaws and issue updates and patches. And,...
Slow down cyber crime in four steps

Here’s how to slow down cyber crime in 4 steps

No matter how hard we all try, cyber crime keeps getting faster. Just how fast can they happen, you’re wondering? Ninety-two minutes. On average, in 2021, attackers only needed one hour and 32 minutes - from initial access to entering other network systems. But that’s just the average. The best...
Robroy Industries

Robroy Industries & Ideal Integrations: Two Pittsburgh Companies Come Together

Robroy Industries expands portfolio, partners with Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion, local MSP and cyber security companiesSeptember 10, 2021PITTSBURGH, Penna. - Robroy Industries, a family owned and operated manufacturing business with deep roots in the Pittsburgh community, recently made a major investment in Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion. Ideal was founded as a systems...
Windows Server 2022 breakdown

Everything You Need to Know about Windows Server 2022

On Sept. 1, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2022. If you’re always looking to be on the cutting edge, it’s an exciting chance to try new features and capabilities. Of course, not everyone is an early adopter. If you’re still enjoying the systems already in place and...