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New phishing techniques to watch for in 2022

New Phishing Techniques to Watch for in 2022

Phishing scammers never miss an opportunity. Whether preying on complacent workers, excited enthusiasts, or even the vulnerable, they’re always looking for a way in. That’s why knowing the latest new phishing techniques is so important. As business professionals, it’s crucial to learn new attacks to warn fellow employees, adjust email...
Computer with Ransomware

The Growing Impact of Ransomware

You work hard for your paycheck.Just like everyone else, cyber attackers want to make money, too.But, unlike most people, they work through theft, data ransom, and extortion.When attacked, victims feel no choice but to pay up – even despite the poor odds of recovery.To achieve their objective, threat actors keep...
June Software updates

How to Secure Your Outdated Software

Every month, every week, even every day, attackers find new weaknesses to exploit. In turn, software and hardware companies alike issue critical updates to close the gaps. But how do you secure outdated software and hardware when it no longer receives support? You can’t just throw out critical equipment. And...
Alert concept - Russian cyber attack - Ideal Integrations

Why A Russian Cyber Attack Matters to Your Business

As worries of a physical conflict between Russia and Ukraine continue, an attack of a different kind is already under way.In what is believed to be a Russian cyber attack, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against the Ukraine recently took hold.Cyberattacks like these highlight the continuing trend of politically...
Firewall - lock on documents

Is Your Firewall Creating a False Sense of (Cyber)Security?

Decades ago, strong IT security meant a strong firewall plus antivirus. Today however, while firewalls and endpoint protection remain basic requirements, they no longer provide sufficient security. Unfortunately, many time and budget-strapped organizations haven’t caught up to the reality of the times. Once an attacker penetrates your firewall or disguises...