Taking Up Unneeded Space On The Server

HiResSpace is a hot commodity when it comes to your technology infrastructure.  Do you know if you are taking up unneeded space on your servers?  If your company has a terminal server that you log into or otherwise syncs your profile to, you could be taking up more space than you need to be.  Quite frequently folders such as ‘My Documents’, ‘My Pictures’, and ‘My Music’ are synced to a server so that all important information would not be lost during an outage or in the event something bad happens.  This also allows for your files to be accessed no matter which machine you log in from.  Keep this in mind if you have a long load time for your profile or if you notice your server frequently getting low on space.

If you store many GB’s worth of personal pictures, music or videos in those folders on your system, they may be getting synced  to the server and taking up extra space.  A simple way around this is to save those files in an alternate location.  You can cut or copy the files and relocate them to a location that is not automatically synced to the server.  After you verify that they are available to you from the alternate location, be sure to remove them from the original folders that were syncing the data.  iTunes is a prime example of something that can take up unneeded space by syncing things like your music library and iPhone backups to a server.

Being mindful of this can ensure your machines are operating quickly and efficiently.


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