Stay Calm and Prepare for Maintenance

iStock_000008920608SmallThere will be many times throughout the year that some sort of maintenance needs to be done within your environment.  If you have your own internal IT as well as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it is important work together to get prepared for the upcoming maintenance.

Key – Stay calm and prepare for maintenance!

If there is (for any reason) a planned outage in your environment, please let your MSP know as soon as you can.  This applies to everything whether it be server maintenance, implementing a new switch or even a planned power outage.  This quick and easy protocol will avoid emergency contacts being called after hours or any general panic by either the MSP or a contact with the company who may also not be aware of the scheduled maintenance.  A quick email can make everyone aware of the scheduled downtime and can avoid a lot of hassle and headaches.  It can also help to avoid a knee-jerk reaction of trying to power everything back up when it is viewed as down.  That would be problematic especially certain components were powered down on purpose and need to remain off.

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