Disaster Recovery

Ideal-Integration_Disaster-RecoveryThe success of your business depends on a reliable IT infrastructure.

More importantly, disaster recovery and business continuity plans keep you compliant with the rules and regulations of your industry.  Many businesses face fines if they do not adhere to the codes of conduct associated with their industry.  This can include banks and other financial organizations, as well as law firms, hospitals and any organization that can be in contact with personal customer information.  Business continuity ensures that each layer of your organization has the ability to access and work within essential functions and operations.

When disaster occurs, you need an immediate solution.  Our cutting edge disaster recovery solutions go beyond simple data back-up.  With server virtualization and high-level shared storage devices, we provide you with the infrastructure level back-up solutions you need to prevent loss of time, proprietary data or money.

Ideal Integrations can provide an added layer of protection by securely replicating your current infrastructure.  This allows us to automate your disaster recovery without needing to send an engineer to your office to perform complex procedures.  The result is a more efficient, less costly recovery process that ensures business continuity.

Our team appreciates how important these features are to your business running at full potential and takes those components into consideration while working to achieve a complete disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your business.

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