It’s Time for VDI

Flat design vector illustration of modern creative office workspAs we begin 2015, know that the time has never been better to make the move to virtual desktops.  There are numerous reasons to make a move to this kind of infrastructure.  But if you’re still undecided, here are just a few of the fantastic features that virtual desktops will bring to your environment.

From a cost savings standpoint alone, you will quickly see a return on your investment.  In a 100 user environment, the initial procurement of hardware and licensing necessary for virtual desktops may closely compare to the cost of purchasing new PC’s.  But with a VDI solution, you now have the ability to utilize much less expensive thin clients or even repurpose old hardware for end user connectivity.  Utilizing thin clients will greatly decrease the chances of hardware failure, thus increasing the amount of time between hardware replacements.  Thin clients also have a much lower rate of power consumption.  They consume considerably less energy for 100 workstations, operating 8 hours a day, for roughly 250 days out of the year, can result in quite a significant adjustment on your electric bill.

With a centrally managed desktop infrastructure, you will also save time and money on everything from the rollout phase, to operation and support, all the way through future updates.  Imagine being able to create dozens of new desktops in a fraction of the time that it took to simply upgrade a single user to a new physical workstation.  What about the time it takes to clean spyware from an end user’s PC?  With VDI, you can restore that user’s desktop to a pristine image within minutes, all while never having to leave your desk.

While the cost savings that virtual desktops provide will benefit your bottom line, what about the benefits to your end users?  Users will be provided with an individual, customizable desktop experience. They will have access to their own desktop, whether they are at work in the office, or working in the middle of the night from the comforts of their own home.  With a virtual desktop, a user can begin working on a project at 3:45 in the afternoon within the confines of their cubicle, and pick up exactly where they left off later that evening from a tablet while sitting on their couch.  Other features such as html access, also allow users to connect to their desktop from any PC with a browser.  Whether it’s a computer at a relative’s house, or one in the business center of their hotel, users can easily access their own desktop along with all of their applications and documents.

The benefits of virtual desktops are plentiful, and your company as well as your users, can equally take advantage of them all.  Once you make the jump to VDI, you’ll no longer be asking yourself “why would we need virtual desktops?”  The only question that you’ll have is “why didn’t we implement VDI sooner???”

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